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How Does the Focus-4 Exercise Protocol Work?

The secret to the F4X Training Program lies in the long forgotten method of targeting both ‘sides’ of the muscle fibres, the myofibrils and sarcoplasm. Stressing the former stimulates muscle growth while stressing the latter stimulates fat burning, the combination of which results in a fat-to-muscle effect. And, as with any workout of this nature, your metabolism remains stoked for several days afterward as your boy expends energy to repair the trauma inflicted upon the muscles, thereby burning more calories while at rest.

The F4X System targets core muscles in a particular rhythm and sequence using moderate weight and short rests between sets, resulting not only in less joint stress but also a natural increase in the production of growth hormone (GH). An increase in GH has been credited with strengthening tendons and ligaments, resulting in fewer injuries, boosting the immune system, and promoting anti-aging effects such as hair and skin rejuvenation. The pace of the routine provides the added benefit of simulating an interval cardio workout.